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Institute for the History and Theory of Art and Architecture




The ISA formative track includes courses at BSc level (1-3) and MSc level (1-2, optional and facultative courses).

The BSc courses seek to provide the foundational and methodological instruments of the historical and theoretical disciplines, while the MSc courses deal with specific topics and, in some cases, take the form of seminars.

Interdisciplinary workshops and public lectures by visiting professors complete the educational offering.

Title of the course Lecturer Year

Contemporary Architecture

G. Neri BSc1

Contemporary Art

V. Tescari BSc1

Exemplars of the Historical City

C. Frank BSc1

History of Modern Architecture 1

S. Hildebrand BSc1

Art and Architecture in the Middle Ages

D. Mondini BSc2

Art and Architecture of Renaissance and Baroque

S. Bettini,

C. Mazzarelli


History of Modern Architecture 2

S. Hildebrand BSc2
Sustainable Design: Methods and Tools S. Roesler BSc3

Architectural Theory: From Vitruvius until Today

S. Hildebrand, 
E. Chestnova
Architecture of the Russian Empire, 1815-2020 E. Chestnova MSc1
Architecture in Photography D. Mondini MSc1
Architecture on Display: The Sir John Soane Museum in London C. Frank MSc1
Modern and Political Architecture: Berlin S. Hildebrand MSc1-2

Social Architecture

S. Hildebrand MSc1

Architectures of Trauma

A. Bernardi  MSc1-2
Public Art S. Martinoli Stebler MSc1-2
Città, clima e architettura S. Roesler MSc-1
Corboz Lab A. Bideau MSc1

High Culture and Low in the Modern Arts

B. Pedretti MSc1

Italian Design 1945-2021

G. Neri MSc1-2
Digital Heritage P. Fornaro MSc1
Artistic Experiences after '45: USA and Germany C. Frank MSc1-2

Architects and the Urbanization Process

A. Bideau MSc1-2
Gothic and its Reception D. Mondini MSc1-2
The Renaissance in Lombardy and the Ticinese Region M. Moizi MSc1

Building an Empire: Roman Architecture

V. Ivanovici MSc1-2

Lexicon of Architectural Critique

B. Pedretti MSc1-2

Methods and Techniques of Architectural Restoration

S. Bettini MSc1-2
Methodologies of Art History C. Frank MSc1-2

Museology and Museography: from private Space to Public Space

C. Mazzarelli  MSc1

Why History?

E. Chestnova MSc1-2
History of Contemporary Art T. Bezzola MSc1-2

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