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International Symposium: The Urban Microclimate as Artifact



The Urban Microclimate as Artifact

Lunedì 31 ottobre 2016
dalle 9.00 alle 18.00, Palazzo Canavée, Aula C3.89

"A COMPREHENSIVE REFLECTION of the concept of the "microclimate" and "microclimatology" (Helmut Landsberg) from the perspective of architectural theory as well as cultural and social sciences is still barely developed. Microclimates are far more than physical-thermodynamic phenomena; microclimates are fabricated thermal places offering valuable insights into everyday culture, social conditions, and political aspirations of energy-based and urbanized societies. By bringing together different case studies from cities around the world, the symposium will explore microclimates as human artifacts approached with a combination of social, cultural and architectural research methods.
THE SYMPOSIUM intends to outline the concept of the microclimate and its variations for urban indoor and outdoor spaces highlighting its relevance for contemporary architecture and urban design practice. Lisa Heschong's notion of "thermal delight," which celebrates and cultivates the diversity of microclimatic conditions rather than leveling them, is yet to be created for the 21st century."

Fondo Nazionale Svizzero (FNS)
Prof. Dr. Sascha Roesler
Dr. Madlen Kobi
Dalila Ghodbane
Lionel Epiney





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